Problems using nvcuvenc (h264 encoding)


I’ve started testing encoding h264 into a mp4 file.
I have an app which build a picture and sends to encoder, later through ffmpeg I save the file into a mp4 container. This process must be in realtime.

I’ve found some problems doing this:

  1. Encoding frames seems to be out of order even when I’ve ordered with frame number param in OnEndFrame callback (I’ve tested with a millisecond timer showing on screen so capturing in sequential order, but playing encoded file shows different order)
  2. I see a lot of edge areas where motion changes, so it looks strange on those points; not sure if there are any settings to help on this
  3. I think was asked before but GetSPSPPS() returns an invalid format data, it have a 2 bytes separator which I don’t understand the values; I’ve done a hack to change that, but not sure of that.

Thanks in advance,

It seems 1) and 2) were caused by setting NVVE_P_INTERVAL a value > 1
When I set this param to 1 it started to work