Problems using OpenCL from Cuda Toolkit 7.5

After Installing the Cuda Toolkit on fresh box trying to run my test opencl code causes an immediate crash stating

“The procedure entry point clCreateImage could not be located in the dynamic link library OpenCL.dll”

Further inspection shows that the DLL in question labels its self as the OpenCL 1.0 library from kronos. Which explains the error but the link to this DLL was established by linking to the OpenCL.lib file created by the Cuda Toolkit install and i have no idea how to get the code to link to actually OpenCL runtime that appears to be in nvopencl.dll.

This code i was using was orginal developed on an AMD system and the linking path there was
Opencl.dll (wrapper)
amdocl.dll (actual opencl)

It looks like something similar should be happening here but the OpenCL.dll was not replaced when the Cuda Toolkit was installed.

Trying to rerun the toolkit installer shows everything installed properly.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Donald J