Problems when streaming AR content using Unreal Engine 5.0.1

I want to use UE5 to render a car model we have been working on, and then use the CloudXR SDK to stream that car as an AR object that can be placed in the scene using the CloudXR AR sample APK on android. I have managed to get it to work but I am facing some problems:

  1. The Car is rendered semi-transparent, as if it has low alpha values, some parts of the car are more transparent than others, windows for examples are so transparent they seem as if they aren’t rendered at all.
  2. I have used an empty scene with a camera as my default player character in UE5, when I place the car in the real world scene, the car isn’t pivoted to a fixed point in the scene, meaning it moves as I move my phone, so I can’t for example rotate around it to see how it looks from behind.

I have also tried streaming using Blender, didn’t face the pivot problem and was able to pivot the object to a fixed place, but the transparency problem was still present.
I have seen many other threads having the same transparency problem, but couldn’t come to a definitive reason or even a fix for this problem, so any help will be appreciated.