Problems with custom resolutions (arch linux-nvidia gpu)

Hello everyone and thnx for taking time to help me in advance ;)
I have problems setting custom resolutions in arch (arcolinux, gtx 1650 super). Xrandr doesnt work with nvidia gpus anymore and metamodes in xorg.conf are kinda confusing.Is there any easy way out there to get custom resolutions?
Note: im new to the forums so if i can add some more info about my hardware to help let me know :)

Unfortunately not. You can only use MetaModes for scaled modes that are then accessible through xrandr --q1 in a confusing way.

hey generix, thnx for taking some time to reply :)
One last question. Is there any good documentation out there for metamodes explaining how to set custom resolutions in linux? (i went to nvidia’s documentation but i was really overwhelmed with the enormous amount of info and ended up being more confused xD)

Unfortunately not, again. MetaModes are really badly documented and what’s to be found is confusing, like you said.
A workaround to properly create them is to use nvidia-settings, select the monitor, hit “Advanced”, then fill in viewport out settings and save the config to a file in your home directory. Then you can copy/paste the correct MetaModes to either your config files or e.g. an OutputClass config or use it with nvidia-settings -a