Problems with Ethernet USB3.0 Adapter (AX88179A)

Hello all,

I’ve been having an issue with a usb3 to ethernet adapter using the ASIX AX88179A chipset. I’ve got a few jetsons running using these adapters attached to IP cameras. seems to work on most of the machines except for 2, where they’ve stopped working. I’ve been testing it locally with the identical setup and haven’t managed to reproduce yet, but I have noticed some issues in dmesg.
I’ve attached dmesg before and after plugging the adapter in (test machine folder), and the full dmesg as well as the filtered eth1 lines of the affected machine. Sorry it’s a zip, but i can only post a single link. (71.3 KB)

I’ve searched this topic and found a fair few posts about this or similar issues, but nothing useful yet.

Only thing that seems to work is to unplug and replug the adapter, which isn’t an option for me as it is remote.

I’d appreciate any other ideas?


The test was done with your custom carrier board?
Which JetPack version?

If you use custom board, please do USB compliance test.

Just a comment, not an answer: It does look like a USB issue. In addition to the USB compliance question (if it is a custom board), is that adapter available such that you could show the dmesg which occurs from plugin to a working host PC? Is there also a possibility of trying the same thing with another Jetson? I realize you said this is remote, but if you can’t use that specific adapter and Jetson, perhaps you have a second copy of the adapter and a second Jetson and/or host PC you can test with locally to produce dmesg logs. It does look like a signal quality issue more than a software issue, but there are a lot of reasons one would not be able to make a conclusion without first knowing USB passes compliance testing.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Bit of a naive question, but how do I do a USB compliance test. I googled it but haven’t found anything useful.


Thanks for your reply. The dmesg before and after pluggin in are from a local jetson I have here with the same carrier board. I checked the adapter with my laptop running ubuntu 22.11 and I’m getting similar messages in dmesg, but the adapter does work. From what i read online this is an issue with the chipset in combination with usb drivers. I’ve ordered a few other adapters that should use other chipsets to test.

Please refer to the document:

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