Problems with full screen applications and vGPU?

We are running NVIDIA M60-0Q vGPUs with Horizon 7.0 and having issues with applications that go full screen. For example, when we place PowerPoint in “slide show” mode, all we see is the first slide. As we page through the slide deck and reach the end, it exits full screen mode and the desktop returns. Print screens indicate that the slides are being generated in the frame buffer, but not being sent to the remote client. Similarly, running a 3D app, like Unigine Heaven, results in a frozen screen. Since that application doesn’t terminate on its own, a session disconnect is required to regain access to the desktop.

This happens whether we use Blast or PCoIP. Is there a workaround

Although its more of a work around, I found a solution to this same problem using the "nView Desktop Manager"

Found from Right clicking the desktop, choose nView (must be installed) and under profiles choose "Finance" and apply. This corrected the issue.