Problems with new Linux Dev Driver

Good Evening,

I have been trying to get CUDA up and running with the new Linux development driver (270.41.19) and it does not seem to want to “stay” installed. What happens is that I will run the installer and everything will run fine as long as I am logged into the same session. Once I log out of my computer or restart to use another OS when i log in it is unable to launch xserver and I have to manually go back and install the driver. Everything works fine once it has been installed and i am just finding this to be rather annoying. I am wondering if it is something that I have done or if this is a problem within the new drivers?


Ubuntu 10.10
Macbook Pro 5,1
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512mb

well this is kind of the blind leading the blind here as I am a noob with Linux and currently having issues of my own atm. with yours though it sounds like a file permissions error. are you using the sudo command correctly? also most would tell you dont do this as it is bad practice for ubuntu type sudo su before install as this puts you into more of a root mode or a more long term sudo mode until terminal is closed. this will make it so you dont have to type sudo and all commands are run as root.

try at your own risk and this advice is from a linux noob.

You probably need a boot script to recreate the /dev/nvidia* device files. Check the release notes for instructions.