Problems with OPENGL, Matlab&NVIDIA Quadro FX360M

Hi all,
I looked on the NVIDIA forums but I did not find a forum very suitable for posting my message. Since my problem involves matlab+nvidia graphic card, and since CUDA are often used by matlab developers, I thought this forum could be suitable. If my post is OT, please let me know where to post it.
Anyway, now I go to my problem.

I’ve just tested matlab on a “just arrived” DELL Precision
M4300 with windows XP Pro 32bit. The graphic card is an NVIDIA Quadro FX360M.
I run the matlab bench and I got extremely bad 3D
on both Matlab 6.5 and 2007b. When the
hardware acceleration is disabled the performances are
better (especially on 6.5).

The following are the results with matlab 6.5 (hardware
acceleration disabled on the second line):
LU FFT ODE Sparse 2-D 3-D
0.2970 0.3130 0.1720 0.3130 0.3130 0.7190 :_(
0.3120 0.3130 0.1720 0.3130 0.2960 0.2970

And with R2007b (hardware acceleration disabled on the
second line):
LU FFT ODE Sparse 2-D 3-D
0.1439 0.1899 0.1439 0.2945 0.3178 0.7310 :_(
0.1792 0.1899 0.1424 0.2924 0.3071 0.5821

The problem seems to be on opengl. I tried almost
everything: upgrading drivers to the latest available
version on DELL website (ForceWare 174.31), changing
parameters from NVIDIA Control panel, disabling Direct3D,
DirectDraw, AGP Texture Acceleration, disable write
combining, using matlab workarounds on 2007b…

The help on mathworks website “1201 - Graphics Rendering and
Troubleshooting Guide” was interesting, but actually didn’t
help very much.
Is there someone that solved the same problem? Maybe with
some alternative driver?

After trying a lot for almost 1 week, now I have no idea how
to solve this problem, and unfortunately DELL support was
not really helpful on this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.