Problems with running Bazel on Xavier AGX

Hi followed the installation for Xavier AGX from NVIDIA ISAAC Setup I installled bazel 0.19.2 as requested.

My Hardware: NVIDIA Xavier AGX
My Software: Nvidia Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from SDK Manager and SDK 4.3
Bazel, 0.19.2, No Tensorflow 1.15 installed (do i need to install it?)

My Bazel install

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
env EXTRA_BAZEL_ARGS="–host_javabase=@local_jdk//:jdk" bash ./

when i want to start now Isaac SDK as written on page

with following command
~/isaac$ bazel build //apps/samples/stereo_dummy

im getting following error

bazel build //apps/samples/stereo_dummy
/usr/local/bin/bazel: line 88: /usr/local/lib/bazel/bin/bazel-real: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

what can i do, please help, thx a lot

I faced the same and I think it might be the same issue like with the Jetson TX2 & nano:

We currently do not support Nano to compile Isaac. You need an x86 system to compile apps and deploy them from there to Nano.

To start developing with Isaac SDK you would need a workstation/desktop. The details for those are listed in the prerequisite section. You need to set up your workstation/desktop first by running the following script This should install bazel for you.

The Nvidia Jetson products are for deploying. You do not need to install bazel on those devices. You just need to run script from your workstation/desktop to setup your target device. Hope this helps.

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thx yeah i made i like this some days ago, but thx for your kind answer

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