Problems with sample_drivenetNCameras in driveworks 0.3


I’m trying to run the sample_drivenetNcameras on the Drive px2 AutoChauffeur with
three Sekonix 120 deg camera
three Sekonix 60 deg camera
The sample works well with 4 cameras in a single port, but if I try using another port to add 2 more cameras the output video is blurred and at times with a green tint for the output from the second port.
The first 4 cameras in camera group A remain unaffected.
Even with splitting the cameras 3 to each port the result is same.
Individually all the cameras are working fine.

./sample_drivenetNcameras --input-type=camera --camera-type=ar0231-rccb --selector-mask=11111100

It’s the same for sample_camera_multiple_gmsl

./sample_camera_multiple_gmsl --selector-mask=11111100

Driveworks version is driveworks 0.3

Please let me know the reason for this and how to avoid it.

Dear swetha,
Can you please share camera details. Also, What is the setup details for 4 cameras?

Camera Details
3 x Sekonix 120 deg, Part Number: SF3324-100, Camera Module: N2.0 RCCB
3 x Sekonix 60 deg, Part Number: SF3325-100, Camera Module: N2.0 RCCB

Camera Group A
0 1 3 are connected with Sekonix 120 deg camera
2 is connected with Sekonix 60 deg

Camer Group B
3 and 2 with Sekonix 60 deg

Dear swetha,
It looks like you are using DW 0.3. Can you please upgrade to DW 0.6 and check the symptom.
Please check for latest PDK version.

Dear Siva Rama Krishna,

Thanks for the answer. We have some sample codes modified in this version according to our need, didn’t want it to be changed now with the newer version. Is there a way to preserver this and upgrade. Or is there a way to correct the problem without an upgrade.

Dear swetha,
The selector mask is divided based on groups, so it would be AAAABBBBCCCC and it is ordered incrementally like 321032103210. Also, mixing up of different cameras in the same port also causes problem. If possible, please upgrade to DW 0.6. You can take a backup of your project and use it in latest version.

Thank you. I have got the selector mask right. But may be using different camera is the problem, will try with same ones in a port. And as for the upgrade, will the old code be compatible with newer version. In that case I will upgrade it.

You may have to change some portions of the code. All API changes that we made are for the better compared DW 0.3.

We were working with DW 0.6, but we could not make it work with ROS using cross-compile. So for the new Drive PX2 we decided to not upgrade and work with the old version since we were able to work with ROS in DW 0.3 for the other PX2 before we upgraded it to DW 0.6.
But now I guess we will have to upgrade it and make it work.

Also is there an interface I could use such that the older version codes can be run with DW 0.6

Unfortunately No. You want to make changes according to new version if any required.

Oh alright. Thank you