Problems with Sketchup pro 2022 and Create 2022.3 using SKP connector 108.2.573

Hi Omniverse Team,

It seems there is a problem with updating the textures/colors of the exported usd file . It only remember the first textures/colors and scale that I apply and export to usd, subsequent changes and update of textures to the same material in SKP does not update when saving/overwrite to the same usd file.(applying another material does update the usd but editing the texture file/colors or scale in the same material in SKP does not update the texture/color nor scale when overwriting to the same USD file) . Thank you.

Attached my test file and skp for your testing. (1.0 MB)

Hello @DavidDPD! I am having the dev team take a look at the files you attached.

Hello @DavidDPD! Our team has been unable to reproduce the issue your are reporting. They were able to update the scale/color of your model by both manually pushing and using live sync. Is there anything else you can think of that could help us find this problem so that we can fix it

Hi @WendyGram ,

I recorded a video capture for this problem it should be much clearer to tell what the issue is.

Thank you @DavidDPD! I’ve sent your video over to the QA team. Hopefully this will help!

Hello @DavidDPD! Your video help out tremendously! We discovered a bug and the development team is working on a fix.

They suggested this as a work around:

The issue is because the name of the material is not changing, so it is not pushing the new texture to Omniverse. The workaround for now is to have them rename their material before they push the publish button.