Problems with the SX1509 on a Jetson Nano

Hey, I’m using a SX1509 to power 4 DC motor bridges and it works fine when I use an Arduino Nano. But now I tried to switch to the Jetson Nano. Therefore I cloned this sweet library in python.
But I guess there is something wrong with writing the registers. I cannot figure out how to get an analog signal out of this thing. Digital works fine, but there has to be something wrong with the analog output.
Can you guys help me to spot the mistake? I could find any other sources to check the library myself. Thanks so much

This would need other users to share experience. We don’t have much experience about using the device. Probably it needs certain modification due to deviation in hardware carrier boards.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any place where I could find more informations, which might help me to fix the problem?

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