problems with USB Lane mapping on the TX1

I’ve been trying to do lane mapping on the tx1 following the examples in the adaptation and bring up guide however when I try to send the dts file back to a dtb file I get syntax errors on the
<TEGRA_PAD_CTL_PORT_HOST_ONLY> and the <TEGRA_PADCTL_PCIE_LANE_X1> and the phys lines listed in the adaptation and bring up guide. Has anyone else been having these issues and if so how did you fix them?

Look for the file pinctr-tegra21x-padctl-uphy.h, you can manually replace the entries.


Please share your dts and point out which line has problem.

It should be similar to

nvidia,port-cap = <TEGRA_PADCTL_PORT_HOST_ONLY>;

That is exactly what my code has and it is giving me a syntax error.
I have tried replacing those lines with 0x1 but if I do so I still have
problems with the Phys lines. I am also getting syntax errors with…
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_UTMI_P(2)> and
<&tegra_padctl_uphy TEGRA_PADCTL_UPHY_USB3_P(2)>. Really I’m having syntax
errors with all of the lines of that format.

Could you paste the error log and how you build your dts file?

Hi kareena.k.hudson.

Is this still an issue to support or has been fixed?
Please update the status to move this issue forward.