Problems with Vray lights from Max to Omniverse

Hi Guys,
I’m testing exporting Usd from 3ds max.

I have an interior scene (not created by me) which has Vray lights and materials. The exports creates correctly materials/texture, lights and cameras. In Omniverse Create The materials appears very similar to the original in 3ds and looks fine but I have a strange problem with lights. The lights has largely wrong color and intensity but this is easy to fix. The big problem is another:

some lights are working fine (I mean: I can change intensity and color without apparent problems) while many other seems completely “out of order”. If I change the parameter or move them in the scene I don’t see any effect and even removing doesn’t change anything.
Even If I add a new light with Create it doesn’t light at all any objects ( I see the light shining only on the cameras avatars but all materials doesn’t get any lighting) and the whole scene.

The only solution I found is to remove all imported lights and create new lightings for scratch but it is a pity as the Vray lights were accurately positioned and it is a time consuming task.

It’s important as this is a benchmark for a customer which wants to evaluate the quality and the effort to prepare a scene from Max.

I am using this configuration:
3dsmax 2023.2
vray 6,
omniverse Create 2022.3.3, and
3dsmax connectors latest 200.3.0

@user140590 ,

As of now not every light is supported as stated in the support documentation link below. There is mentioning of supporting more lights under roadmap section but no define timeline, maybe someone from the team can answer you on that.

Use the USD generic exporter (on the Autodesk site: see image) not the OV one. The vray lights will come in like a champ.

Obviously choose the extension that goes with your copy of Max.


As Glen mentioned I generally have better luck exporting from 3DS Max 2024 with…
File>Export>Universal Scene Description (*.usd, *.usdz, *.usda, *.usdc)

As opposed to…
File>Export>Omniverse Exporter(*.usd, *usda)

But, I haven’t tried exporting my “Arnold Lights” yet. I may try that tomorrow.
I have been using the USD Composer built-in Lights, Environments and Materials it’s been working really well for that…Composer didn’t like my 3DS Max Arnold Materials very much maybe it will like my Arnold lights better.

Are you exporting the Lights to a file or sending them over through the connector?

Thank for the suggestion, I will give a try.

If I remember I used the “export all” in the omniverse toolbar which, anyway, creates an USD file, what do you mean by “sending them over through connector”?
On this project I didn’t use Live editing, if this is what You meant.

If you go to “File/Export” instead of the toolbar you should see the other USD exporter…If you installed it from Autodesk.
It’s labeled …Universal Scene Description…I think I loaded that “export option” as an extension from the Autodesk site…I can’t remember, my brain is fried.
But I think it was an added plugin/extension from Autodesk. not a built-in export in MAX 2024.

Connector is kinda like live view as you mentioned…ya know where you have both Composer AND 3DS Max open at same time and send stuff over without using export file…just send object and then in Composer press the FETCH button when the box pops up.

@user140590 i see you are also working with an older version of Composer (the new name for Create). it may be worth upgrading to the 2023.1.1 beta branch and see if it’s a bug that they’ve addressed in the new version. I know “beta” may sound like it’s not production-proven, but it should behave the same way for the most part and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

also, what is your hardware spec? it’s concerning when you create a new light and it doesn’t affect your scene.

Hello, and thanks for posting. I appologize for the late reply, but I wanted to reach and check you are still having issues with vray lights. If so, would you mind sending me the file privately through email message here and I can take a look. If you are creating lights and not seeing their influence, first check you are running in “stage” light mode and not another lighting rig. Secondly make sure your exposure is set up correctly. Try adjusting the exposure to see if the lights are really there. Third, it could be an issue with instancing. Try a simple light scene with just one of each vray light type.

Feel free to post screenshots or better videos of your workflow and where it is failing.