Problems with WebGL and Nvidia graphiccards?


I am developer of 3D configurators in Realtime like on the following website:

To create the configurators we use WebGL, so that the configurators run on all browser and systems without problems. On PCs with embedded Nvidia graphiccards we have in the last months problems. The Khronos Group is the the founder of WebGL. The support of them can`t help us. Know anywhere more about this problem? Can anywhere help me? Thanks.

Since this is about GL, you might want to post a question on the OpenGL sub-forum here.

To be able to analyze your issue, please provide a reproducer and detailed information about the system configuration along with it and a descriptions of the steps to reproduce the error and the expected results for QA and driver engineers to investigate.

I posted a more complete checklist on the OpenGL forum in the past as reference what is normally asked for in any OpenGL bug report.
In case you have additional information about the error, like GLSL errors, crash offsets etc., please provide all information if applicable.