Product Configurator USD Composer 2023.1.1

I am interested in exploring the Product Configuration( inside Omniverse. I tried to follow this video tutorials, but faced the following obstacles:

  1. Some of the videos(2) giving error to me. It is problem on my side or with web page?

  2. I couldn’t find the ov content with configurator_empty.usd preset. Where I can find this content?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your question. We are looking into these broken links and we will get back to your shortly.

Hello @pavsapr! Just wanted to give an update. I’ve reached out to the development team and created a bug to fix our documentation.

Hi, we are fixing the docs shortly but we merged a few videos for simplicity. The second video is merged in with the first (intro is the first 3 minutes, data structure is the next 4:23 of that 7:23 video) and the fourth video was merged into the third (behavior data is 2:22 and the rest is categories and options). We will merge the titles and remove the blank videos but you have all the content there to get you going.

For the assets, make sure you have a local nucleus and you can find them in


Everything is working now. Thank you!

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Great thanks !

Hello once again,

I found 2 misalignments between docs, videos and extension functionality:

  1. Here in documentation we can find the “Add option” feature, but not in extension(screenshot)
  2. Here in docs and videos we can find the “Create Nocode UI” feature, but not in extension(screenshot)

Can you help with that?

Thank you in advance!

@WendyGram @Richard3D can you help me with the misalignments in previous message

What specific misalignments are you seeing ? I am not following exactly what the issue is

i believe he’s referring to the two utilities inside the Product Configurator extension. specifically “add option” and “no code ui” option, which were highlighted in the doc and embedded video tutorial. below is a screengrab from one of the videos


i checked the extension manager, and it does seem like the utility extension detail only included 3 tools and not the other two he found missing

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Yes. Thanks for the clarification

This is indeed a misalignment between the docs and what is available in Composer 2023.1.0 and Composer 2023.1.1
The No Code UI and Add Option utility is available in 2023.2 Composer release.

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Cool! Waiting for the new release.
Thank you!