Product Confusion - Nano and WIFI Module (AC8265)

Hi All,

I bought a Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit (945-13541) and a
Wireless-AC8265 Dual Mode Wireless Module for Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01/A02. When I came to fit the wireless board on the Nano Developer kit there is no expansion port (M.2 Key E)

The 2Gb Developer Kit has “NVDIA Jetson Nano GB Developer Kit with Wireless USB Adapter” on the box but, I’m assuming this is for wireless keyboards and mice? I can’t find any mention of B01/A02 on the Nano box…

Which version of the Jetson Nano should I purchase to be able to use the AC8265 Dual Mode Wireless Module? I can repurpose the 2GB developer kit elsewhere.

Many Thanks in advance…


The wireless networking USB adapter seems is for Networking.

and supported networking USB adapter lists are as follow:

You can use AC8265 at Jetson Nano devkit 4GB.


Sorry that nano-2gb does not have m.2 key E slot on it. You can try nano-4gb devkit and there will be a slot on it.

Thanks for the feedback guys - much appreciated!!!

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