Production flashing of image without going through the gui setup

I have not got the nano running on a JN30B daughter board but to accomplish this i need to boot to the gui and follow the install screen to get to a clean system.

Is there a way of reading the nand of a fully setup unit and use this to flash all our other units.

hello joolzgnux82,

it seems you did not working with Jetson Nano Developer Kit.
you’ll need to contact with your board vendor for customize configuration files,

I think you misunderstood.

The board is WORKING, but as I need to flash the new devices, then boot to gui, then ok your licence, then setup location, language, nearest city, keyboard, then save, and reboot, then login and change run the command to remove the gui. then reboot FOR each production module.

I would like to do this ONCE, copy the image from the eMMC and flash the other units.

You did reply to another thread so I will check that 1st.



hello joolzgnux82,

yes, please have a try to clone APP partition.
for the others who might have production flash, please refer to Topic 1064479 for the updated nvtboot binary.
you should also note that,
please enable “-r” options to reuse the image while flashing a backup image.
for example,

Usage: sudo ./ [options] <target_board> <rootdev>

  -r ------------------- skip building and reuse existing system.img.