Production Module Mac Address


Our product is progressing great, thanks for all your help, anyway its time to manufacture,
I have noticed that the production modules that we bought have a Mac Address with the NVIDIA Vendor Prefix 00:04:4b
Each production module has a different Mac address.
I wanted to ask whether we can use these MAC Address that the production module already has in our final products ?


I just replied similar questions in this thread.

Please be careful that you must update the CRC checksum field in eeprom after you update the mac address.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for the reply, the thread you mentioned revolves changing/updating the mac address,
I do not want to change the Mac Address, I want to know whether I can legally use the production module existing Mac Address for my final product, or do I Must change to my own mac address.



There is no specific rule for those mac address. If you ask me, I think it is okay to apply those mac addr to your production module.