Professional Graphics applications running on XenApp - Licensing


We’re planning to build a XenApp environment consisting of users running normal Office workloads and users running professional graphics applications such as CAD and GIS applications. All XenApp hosts will be equipped with GRID m60 cards in passthrough mode.

According to the GRID licensing guide, for XenApp/RDSH workloads you will need to buy the vApps license, and for running professional graphics apps you will need the Workstation License. The Workstation license is mainly mentioned in relation to VDI and not RDSH. RDSH/XenApp is only mentioned in the combination with the vApps license.

I’m wondering which license is needed if you want to run Professional Graphics apps on XenApp, do I need th vApps license or the Workstation license? Is it possible to use the workstation license in XenApp environments or does it only support VDI?



Hi H.,

I wrote a blog to clear up how the RDSH / XenApp licensing works, we are in the process of reviewing and rewriting our licensing doc so it is clearer up front.

Best wishes,