Profiler default startup location

Running Windows 7 64-bit.

Is there a way to set the startup default location of the profiler? It would save me a lot of path clicks moving up down etc.

Assuming you are starting the profiler from the “Start” menu, there is a way.

Click through the Start menu to "Start|All Programs|PGI Workstation|Debugger & Profiler"
Right-click on "PGPROF Performance Profiler"
Select "Properties"

The “Shortcut” tab should be displayed.

Enter the startup location you want in the box labeled "Start in:".

The same properties dialog can be used for desktop shortcuts as well. Let us know if this doesn’t answer your question.

Thanks donb, I did all that but it doesn’t work. Let me clarify to ensure I’ve asked the right question.

When I start the profiler and tell it to open a probile, I then need to specify the profiler output etc. It always starts at the desktop (even after I set the start in option to the place I want to start). How to I select a location other than the desktop?


It sounds as if you are seeing the file chooser start in the Desktop directory. Correct?

PGPROF uses the current directory as the starting point for the file chooser for both the pgprof.out file and the executable. The current directory is set by either the shortcut properties method described in the previous response or by ‘cd’ in a command shell and invoking the profiler from the command line.

Please answer a few questions to help us understand how you are encountering this issue:

(1) What version of PGI software are you using?

(2) How do you invoke the profiler?

  • Start Menu?
  • PGI Workstation bash shell command line?
  • PGI Workstation command shell?
  • Other?

(3) If it is from the command line, have you done a ‘cd’ to the folder/directory containing the pgprof.out file?

Note that setting the “Start in” directory for a shortcut only affects that shortcut - it doesn’t affect other shortcuts to the profiler or the profiler executable properties.

Also, if the “Start in” directory contains a path to a non-existent directory (because the directory has been deleted or renamed since the shortcut property was set) then the directory will default to the desktop.



I was starting from a desktop shortcut (using Windows 7) and as you suggested, changing the “start in” within the shortcut properties did start the profiler where I wanted.