Profiler Error -96 all the time Profiler wont output any data

Hi there,
I tried all day to get some output from the profiler, but to no avail.
I am using WinXP 32-bit and the newest 2beta2(b) CUDA stuff including 177.35 drivers on my 8600GT card.

With the SDK demo projects I receive proper output from the profiler.

With my program there will be the following:
a.) temp_profiler_config file is generated on startup
b) a profiler_output.csv file is generated but is zero kB in size

program runs.
exits OK
But then I receive the following message:

Program run #1 completed.
Error -96 in reading profiler output.
No data rows in profiler output file.

So, I don’t know what to do, but I suppose it has something to do with my programm rather than with the overall setups, as the SDK project do generate useful output…

Anybody run into this problem before?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi folks,
turned out that I wrote a super-duper function to print out the memory footprint of my app, looking something like this

void printFreeMem() {
CUdevice cdev;
CUcontext ctx;
cuCtxCreate(&ctx, 0, cdev);
unsigned int free, total;
cuMemGetInfo(&free, &total);
printf ( “\nCUDAMem free %i total %i\n”, free, total);

and used it once… led to no more profiler output (and the error -96 instead).
Commenting this call out… everything works fine again…

Any ideas what ist wrong with that code, or even better, any idea how to implement this more cleverly?