Profiler for CUDA 2.3 64 Bit Profiler and Debugger for 64 bit CUDA 2.3

I have downloaded and gotten to run CUDA 2.3 Driver, Toolkit and SDK. I did not see any profiler or debugger for this arrangement. I want to go through CUDA programs line by line and see how some of the examples work. Is there something in CUDA 2.2 that can help? Clearly there is no such thing in 64 bit CUDA 2.3, but maybe 64-bit CUDA 2.2 that will work on 64 bit CUDA 2.3. Is this a good idea?


There most certainly is a debugger and profiler in Cuda 2.3. In the 64 bit toolkit for Ububtu 9.04 I have this (nb this is installed in /opt rather than the standard /usr/local) :

avid@cuda:~$ ls /opt/cuda/bin

bin2c  cudafe  cudafe++  cuda-gdb  fatbin  filehash  nvcc  nvcc.profile  ptxas

avid@cuda:~$ ls /opt/cuda/cudaprof/bin/


cudaprof  sqldrivers

ie. the debugger is cuda-gdb in cuda/bin and the profiler is cudaprof in cuda/cudaprof/bin

I was going by the CUDA download module page at In it the 2.2, 64-bit Linux version has a debugger. The 64 bit 2.3 Linux version has no debugger module shown. I guess that it must be in the software itself and not separated out from it. At least it must be that way for the 2.3, 64 bit Linux version of CUDA.


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