Profiler gives java errors and shows nothing

On Win7 64bit with Java SE build 1.7.0_01-b08 when trying to open a pgprof.out file from the GUI (or via the command line) the profiler gives java errors and does not display a thing.

The pgprof.out is generated from the sample vector summation program that is a standard PGI CUDA test (or any other program for this matter)

I spotted a similar problem to appear in the forum half a year ago with no answer.

Does anyone know of any development in this regard, or the profiler simply does not work on Windows ?

Sorry you are having problems with pgprof. The profiler does work on Windows. I believe the previous issue you refer to was handled via customer support.

We will need more information in order to address your problem. If possible, could you send the following to, noting that this is a user forum issue and that tools engineering has requested that this info be forwarded to them?

  • the pgprof.out file
  • the executable file
  • the .dwf file
  • the .pdb file
  • a copy of the Java stack trace
  • a copy of the output of “pgaccelinfo” run on your system
  • any other information that you think might be helpful in diagnosing the problem

Thanks in advance for your help in solving this problem

I sent all these files as requested.

I will meanwhile try the NVIDA Profiler since PVF documentation says it is compatible with PGI output