Profiler reboots Windows 7 with cuda 8 and Titan X

I have a kernel running under Win 7/64, cuda 8.0 on a GeForce GTX Titan X in TCC. My K620 is my primary output device. The kernel produces the correct results on a 4K x 4k SP floating point transform. Cuda memcheck shows no errors.

When I run various Profiler functions I get results. However, when I ask for the Kernel to have its PC sampled, my kernel runs for about 1.5 seconds then my machine reboots.

The Windows Cuda 8.0 tools come bundled with dev driver 369.30. As I said, I Quadro K620 in my machine.
The latest dev driver for the GTX Titan X is 378.66.

Which dev driver should I be using given the cards I have installed?

Thx … Bob

378.66 should work, I’ve never seen this scenario before, looks like your computer got a blue screen, right?