profiling cuda on mac Where is the profiler?

Hi Everyone,

I think I’m missing something. On the website it seems the visual profiler is included in the toolkit(which I did install 4.2.9 on OSX lion) but I can’t see it when I search for visual profiler. I have nvcc, cudart,and all the tools that come with the toolkit but I don’t know how to access the visual profiler.

I read on some forums that it was called and launched via the finder(explorer) but when I search the computer using find I cannot find it.

Am I missing something or how do you profile cuda code on the mac? (My code works but I have no way of telling if it could be improved or not without profiling).


p.s. On the download page it says its included in the toolkit but since I couldn’t find it, I have also applied to be a registered Cuda developer to see if Cuda 5 preview includes it.

Visual profiler executable name is nvvp

Thanks Eugeneo, I found it. I didn’t know it was a command line item, I wish there was a app or something that was searchable in the apps area.

[font=“Courier New”][/font] does exist in the libnvvp subfolder of the cuda installation. The command line tool [font=“Courier New”]nvvp[/font] is just a short script that sets the library path and starts You can also start it directly from the finder.