Profiling multiple processes with Nsight systems

I’m trying to profile two processes using Nsight systems remote profiling. There seems to be no way to specify multiple processes using the attach/launch options. Selecting ‘trace all processes’ in the system profiling option results in an error.
Is there a recommended way to do this?

Hi @virtual.ramblings, one way you can use to profile multiple processes is launch them from a wrapper script. Then you can profile the script with Nsight Systems and collect metrics only for the processes you are interested.

What is the error you are seeing when using “trace all processes”?

Thanks, I tried tracing using a wrapper script.
I get this error after a few minutes:

RuntimeError (120) {
InternalError (105) {
ErrorText: The operation was aborted.
ServiceName: AnalysisService
MethodName: GetData

I haven’t noted down the error with “trace all processes”. Will try that out again and let you know.