profiling on ASUS Transformer Prime not working


i try to use tegra profiler on the asus transformer TF101 (not prime model, sorry about the error in the title) but profiling is stuck in “stopping sampling”, did i miss something in the setup or this device is not supported out of the box ?

setup was :
0/ install DaemonWrapper.apk manually
1/start DaemonWrapper.apk
2/start my app
3/start profiling from tegra profiler -> aquisition seems to go fine but at the end i am stuck with “stopping sampling” spinning in the right bottom corner of tegra profiler.

remark : i tried with both versions of DaemonWrapper.apk (the one in NVPACK egra-profiler argetarmv7android and the one in NVPACK egra-profiler argetarmv7android4 )


edit : sorry about the wrong title, i cannot edit it, the problem is on tansformer and not on transformer prime model