profiling on the Nexus 6?

Hi all,

The Nexus 6 with Android 5.1 is listed as a “Compatible Device” with CodeWorks for Android…

Does this mean that it’s possible to get the Tegra System Profiler to work? Has anyone done so?

I’ve tried and get the “OS image not compatible” error. I imagine that I’ll need to at least root the device… is that enough to make things work?



Hi rosetter,

Profiler needs kernel support, each vendor may customize the kernel for their devices. Currenly, Tegra System Profiler just support Tegra-based devices.


I have the same problem. Where can I get the kernel module about “quadd” for android4.4.4 with MI3(xiao mi) device. It’s Tegra4-based device. I hope I can load this module. Or compile it into the android system.