Profiling with multiple users

We recently stumbled upon a problem when profiling with different users on the same machine. Nsight Systems uses the same directory in /tmp for all users which leads to ownership problems if different users want to profile their applications. Our workaround for this is to use “chown -R /tmp/nvidia” or to delete the directory before profiling. I think it would be better to have a separate directory for each user or to provide a possibility to make the tmp directory user-configurable.
Thank you for your attention!

Windows 10 1909
Nsight Systems 2020.2.1
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
CUDA 10.2

I will have to check with other engineers, I was under the impression that that had been replaced with a /tmp/[uid]. We will also be adding the ability to explicitly set temporary directory on the command line.

But that being said, you can use the tmpdir environment variable and Nsys will respect it.

Unfortunately Nsight Systems does not respect the tmpdir environment variable when profiling remote targets. Neither setting TMPDIR in the project settings nor exporting TMPDIR in .bashrc/.bash_profile seems to help.
This is the error shown in Nsight Systems where it still uses the default /tmp directory:

AnalysisService: failed to start event source Trace: /home/devtools/teamCityBuildAgent/work/20a3cfcd1c25021d/QuadD/Target/quadd_d/quadd_d/jni/EventSource/Trace.cpp(277): Throw in function void {anonymous}::CheckPermissions(const boost::filesystem::path&)
Dynamic exception type: boost::wrapexcept
std::exception::what: NoPermissionException
[QuadDCommon::tag_file_name*] = /tmp/nvidia/nsight_systems/injection_files
[QuadDCommon::tag_error_text*] = Insufficient permissions for injection data directory

Hopefully the changes you mentioned will be available with the next release.