Program Jetson TX2 by configuring it's registers


I am new to Jetson TX2 but have some experience with embedded devices.

Question: Is to possible to program the Jetson TX2 like a microcontroller or even a microcomputer, i.e.
by writing to the register in the memory of the device in C language ?

If yes, is there any related data sheet ?

If no, is there any specific reason ?

Thanks in advance

If the operating system is up and running (and that includes U-Boot, which is really an operating system), then you can write assembler, or embed assembler within a C program. If you intend to program via JTAG, then you are probably out of luck.

You’d be using ARMv8-a architecture (64-bit ARM Cortex-A series). Go here, look for the Cortex-A docs:

The CPU is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A57, so this is the document series you are interested in. I don’t remember which revision this is, and I suppose this could have changed over time, but the “MP” TRM docs are the multi-core processor docs you are interested in.

Anyone know the specific ARM Cortex-A57 revision of the TX2? Or if all units have the same revision?