Program on Xavier without monitor, keyboard and mouse


is it possible to use Xavier without extra monitor, keyboard and mouse? I want to program code with ROS and QT Creator on a host and just run the code on Xavier.
Should be possible as not every Xavier in autonomous driving has it’s own monitor ??


You would need to add a virtual X server for the CUDA and other software to have a rendering context. If you do X11 forwarding instead, then all of the CUDA/GPU work will be done on the host instead of on the Jetson. The Xavier won’t know the difference between a virtual X server and one with an actual video monitor connected.

Wouldn’t CUDA still occur on the Jetson, with the generated output being what’s then X11-forwarded? It’s not forwarding un-rendered content…

See this to see why forwarded X events does not use the Jetson’s GPU: