Programmatically identifying Dual-Copy-Engine feature.

Our product has to support old Quadro cards like Tesla FX-xxx cards or Quadro 2000, which do not have Dual-Copy-Engine (DCE) feature. But, we also want to explore the advantage of the feature in newer cards. So, we are facing the issue of identifying whether the cards in the system have DCE feature. Right now, I am kind of just hard-coded a string list (e.g., “Quadro 4000”, “Quadro 5000”, … “Quadro K2200”, etc…) in the code, but, I am wondering if we have a more elegant way of doing that. I am imagining there might be some sort of API that I can use.

Just searched in the forum, but no luck (much appreciated if somebody can point me to an existing thread in case I missed it).