Programmed shutdown when sudden unexpected power loss

Currently, my setup involves a Jetson NANO being powered through the barrel jack from an external power supply. The days operational data is being stored on a thumb-drive, inserted in the NANO, before a programmed shutdown occurs at the end of the day. Sometimes, the external power supply shuts down mid-day due to unforeseen circumstances. When this happens the NANO turns off immediately and the operational data prior to this gets corrupted and is not stored in the drive. Is there a solution to this problem(other than attaching a UPS board) whereby the NANO stays on for a short while longer, even when the external power supply has stopped supplying power, so that I may be able to salvage the data and perform a routine shutdown ?

There is no such possibility without adding stand-by power. This is just the way the filesystems work.

There are some older mechanical hard drives in RAID setups which use the energy of the spinning platter to write the outstanding cache upon power loss, but those are still special hardware situations, and the RAID controller itself has a battery or super capacitor.

One thing an UPS does is to provide notification to the computer that power has been lost, and that time after power loss is used to clean up and shut down normally. A Nano does not use much power, and so something like a super capacitor might work, but then you still need hardware to tell the Jetson that power was lost or it won’t help…the failure would just be delayed a few seconds.

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