Programming Guide 3.1 specification not working.

Hey there.

I’m not being able to register an image resource of an OpenGL 1 channel, floating-point (luminance in my case) texture. I’ve tested with GL_RGBA32F (four channels) and it works fine.

The programming guide version 3.1 states (section that “[font=“Courier New”]cudaGraphicsGLRegisterImage()[/font] supports all texture formats with 1, 2 or 4 components and an internal type of float (e.g. GL_RGBA_FLOAT_32) and unnormalized integer (e.g. GL_RGBA8UI). (…)”. Not working with me, as I get an “invalid argument”. The textures have been correctly uploaded, because OpenGL draws them fine.

Does anyone know why this is not happening? Am I missing something?

My system:

  • GeForce 9600 (1.1 CUDA capability);
  • CUDA Toolkit, drivers and SDK 3.1 (properly uninstalled previous versions before installing new versions);
  • VS2005;
  • Windows 7;

Thanks in advance for any help!