Programming Multiple modules at a time

We are thinking of a production programmer to program 4-5 modules at a time something using just 4 Floyd SC connected to a PC with 4 USB ports. Can you suggest me the best method or the documentation on that?

$JETPACK_HOME/Linux_for_Tegra/README_Massflash.txt is what you want.

Thanks, Can you provide details on how to connect the multiple devices? I use eMMC Xavier NX module, Use an Ubuntu 18.04 Host machine. if it is a single module I connect an A2A USB cable between NX module and host and then put NX module in recovery mode.

In this case for multiple modules - should I connect all 4 modules via A2A cable to the Host machines USB ports?

You can configure your work-bench as follow:

  • this diagram may have some mistakes, think it as a concept.
  1. New Jetson modules start with the Recovery mode at power feeding automatically without recovery button handling.
  2. KVM switch is optional, but recommend to make sure the flash job is done.
  3. 12-24V DC power adapters around you.

Thank you, I will check this.

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