Programming the AQR113C on the AGX Orin

I’m working with a board and trying to bring up the 10Gb ethernet interface, but it appears, from many other posts, that this part needs to be programmed before it will work. I’ve seen posts asserting that specific (but unnamed) version of firmware is required to be compatible with the driver. I’ve also seen posts that marvell has a program (again, unnamed) that can write the firmware to the part, but that it can’t be posted here.

I have access to Marvell’s customer support site, and I’ve found many versions of firmware but nothing to indicate which version I should be using with linux. I have not been able to find an application for writing the firmware to the AQR113C.

Can someone clearly state what firmware version should be used, and the name or location of the program that can be used to load that firmware into the part?


we are using AQR-G4_v5.6.1-AQR_Marvell_NoSwap_XFI_ID44874_VER1836.cld.

There is no program that is in use on our side to flash this firmware. The firmware is pre-flashed. Not done by Jetson.