Programming the Arduino Due on the Jeson Tk1

I was working on a project where I needed to program an Arduino Due board from my Jetson. When I tried this I was bummed to learn that the standard Arduino application that comes with the grinch kernel, and on the software center, will not work with the Due. It requires the 1.5+ version of the Arduino software. I was unable to find a version of it that I could just download and get running on my Jetson since it is an ARM system, so I decided to recompile the source code so I could use it. I have made the new recompiled version of the Arduino 1.5.4 software available for download from my website, and I have also posted a blog entry with detailed steps on what I had to do to get it recompiled.

Here are links for downloading:
Download Arduino 1.5.4 for Jetson TK1:
How to recompile Arduino source on Jetson TK1 blog:–Part-1.aspx

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