Project of the month still running?

I have a project idea for my Jetson Nano so that I can learn how to build and deploy a real time AI system.

I just found out about the projects page and learned of the “Project of the Month” award. Very exciting! It definitely incentives me to move forward with my project.

However, I noticed on the projects page ( the last award was given out in October 2020.

Is the monthly award still being awarded? If so, I’ll likely submit my project details to this forum.

Or perhaps an award is not given out every month?

Just curious – I will be exploring the Jetson Nano more moving forward either way.

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Hi @jdeglint, yes it is still running, the next Project of the Month awards should be coming out soon for November and December! It is monthly. Good luck on your project!

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Thanks @dusty_nv! :)