Protect TF model in AGX Xavier


I’m working on a project, where I use Xavier AGX for image analysis, I’m using Tensorflow model, for predictions on images, and python code for other analysis.

What’s the best ways to protect these files in Xavier AGX for production, that when someone buys it, they won’t be able to clone or copy it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

hello tadas.tursk,

please check l4t-r32.5 developer guide, there’s Jetson Security chapter for the details of security features.
suggest you should also access Tutorials page, expand the [Developer Tools] session and check the training video, Jetson Security and Secure Boot

please note that,
secureBoot only supports with production modules, (i.e. eMMC modules)
you may enable secureBoot for TrustOS, and also Disk Encryption.

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