PRSNT0, PRSNT1 signal design

According to carrier board schematic PRSNT1 connected to Button MCU.

I don’t use Button MCU.
I want to design Auto-Power On.

How can i design PRSNT1 pin ?
PRSNT1 to gnd or pull up or GPIO?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

As said in DG: Optional use of Present pins on module to ensure the power button will only initiate power-on if the module is mounted correctly. The PRSNT[1:0] pins are on opposing corners of the module connector.

You can just leave it unconnected if no MCU and no power button.

PRSNT[1:0] pins is input? or Output?

You can consider it as input to carrier board to indicate module existing.

Is PRSNT[1:0] pin output at AGX Orin Module?

As you can see in the Figure 5-1. Power Block Diagram in Design Guide doc, PRSNT0 is connected to GND, PRSNT1 is pull-up of power button, and PRSNT0 is connected to PRSNT1 in module so that the power button can work only when module is attached.

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Following up this topic, is the loopback inside module between PRSNT1 and PRSNT0 a pure copper trace or does it go through any active buffer? Because external Carrier 3.3V is a different power domain than Module internal power, having an external Pullup to external 3.3V would potentially apply electric stress to the pin L63 (PRSNT1), in the short window at power-down, when Module is powered off but carrier still has power. If the loopback is a pure copper routing, this concern would not exist.

If i don’t want to use PRSNT1, PRSNT0, POWER_BTN_N is not depends on PRSNT1, PRSNT0. right?
Can turn on the Module without PRSNT1, PRSNT0, if i didn’t use PRSNT0, PRSNT1.

The status of PRSNT0, PRSNT1 affect to Power button

PRSNT1 and PRSNT0 are connected directly by trace on module. You can use POWER_BTN_N without PRSNT1and PRSNT0.

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