Pstack tool on Xavier NX system

My device information is below:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX (Developer Kit Version)
    • Jetpack 4.6 [L4T 32.6.1]
    • NV Power Mode: MODE_20W_6CORE - Type: 8
    • jetson_stats.service: active
  • Board info:
    • Type: Xavier NX (Developer Kit Version)
    • SOC Family: tegra194 - ID:25
    • Module: P3668 - Board: P3509-000
    • Code Name: jakku
    • CUDA GPU architecture (ARCH_BIN): 7.2
    • Serial Number: 1424721011311

I want to install pstack tool in my system to debug some bugs. Where can I have pstack tool for Xavier NX system?

It seems like there is no package for aarch64. Please check if you can download the source code and manually build it. This should be the source code:
GitHub - peadar/pstack: Print stack traces from running processes, or core files. Works properly for x86_64 without frame pointers

@DaneLLL , thanks.

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