PSU LED Status Clarification

Hi, I’ve got an AS4610-55T switch with two PSU connected to PDU strips.

One PSU displays a Green LED and the other display a RED LED.

I’ve had a look through the Mellanox docs and cannot find any information regarding the status of these LED.

I apologies for asking a simple question, but is someone able to confirm what these Green and RED status indicate?

I assume green is active - (currently in use) and red is passive (hot spare)

Or is it a case that both should be green and that the red status indicates that there is a problem?

Hello Rakesh,

On most switching platforms, a solid red LED on the PSU typically indicates some sort of fault was found on the PSU. This is the case on Mellanox hardware based switches. However, I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer, Edgecore, for a confirmation of what this means on their AS4610-55T switch.


Christian Matlock