PTC OnShape also for Omniverse?

Hi Omniverse community :)

I am very interested in using Omniverse for industrial applications. I work in engineering with PTC Creo and for a few weeks now I have been posting many questions on this forum. They have always been solved great and for that I would like to start by thanking you.

PTC Creo has Omniverse support. Currently the connector has some problems but a few weeks ago a new connector was announced.
However there is another possibility, PTC OnShape. It is a SaaS of PTC Creo, where you access your CAD software via browser.

Do you know if it is possible to connect PTC OnShape in Omniverse, as it is possible with PTC Creo 8?

Thanks again!


Hello @SChris! I know that the development team is working on getting several things ready for the next PTCreo release/update. I will ask the dev team about PTC OnShape and let you know!

Hello @SChris! The dev team informed me that we do have an extension for OnShape, but it only runs on Linux for IsaacSim: Onshape importer — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Hello Wendy,

I thought I had already answered you. Thank you again for your help :)