Pthread_setaffinity_np failed with parabricks tools

Running on a node with 4xA100 and a Xeon Gold 5318S through the Slurm.

apptainer run --nv -B /data para-4_3_0-1.sif pbrun minimap2 --num-threads 4 --ref Ref.fasta --in-fq sample_1.fq --out-bam out.bam
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[Parabricks Options Mesg]: Automatically generating ID prefix
[Parabricks Options Mesg]: Read group created for /data/test/sample_1.fq
[Parabricks Options Mesg]: @RG\tID:HK3TJBCX2\tLB:lib1\tPL:bar\tSM:sample\tPU:HK3TJBCX2
[PB Info 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Info 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46] || Parabricks accelerated Genomics Pipeline ||
[PB Info 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46] || Version 4.3.0-1 ||
[PB Info 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46] || minimap2 ||
[PB Info 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[PB Error 2024-Apr-23 15:14:46][src/thread_pool.cpp:88] [ERROR] pthread_setaffinity_np() failed, exiting.
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Could not run minimap2
Exiting pbrun …

Tools runs ok with a single thread and when running outside of Slurm. Any potential issues running inside a cgroup? Hyperthreading?