PTP sync both Aurix-SoC and Soc-Soc

Please provide the following info:
2 DRIVE AGX Xavier™ Developer Kit + external device
DRIVE Software 10
Ubuntu 18.04

I have been trying to follow the guide in

I have 2 Drive AGX platforms and I want one to be master and the other to be a slave. (If possible I would prefer to have an external device as master)

From the dokumentation I don’t understand if I should be able to use both Aurix-SoC sync AND dual SoC-SoC sync.

What I want to make sure is that the entire chain needed for cameras and timestamping is synced with ptp.

Dear @helen.elemida,
Please check dual SoC-SoC sync section for your use case. Let us know if you see any issues

Should I be able to both sync aurix-SoC and SoC -SoC simultaneously?