PTP-sync buggy and unreliable: are there alternatives for use with Nsight?

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that involves deploying CUDA code to a remote device (a Jetson TK1). Although the PTP-sync behaviors worked originally, the introduction of a second target Jetson and other host PCs has caused it to begin malfunctioning fairly regularly. Despite clearing the .ptp-sync directories and following all other leads found online, I was unable to reliably deploy (or, in some cases, deploy at all) while keeping the ability to switch from one machine to the other.

As a result, I would like to know if there are any alternatives to the git-based PTP sync that are integrated in Nsight. Specifically, I’m looking to be able to deploy and run code while getting the remote output redirected locally, and remote debugging would be nice too. What are my options here? If Nsight doesn’t have any other means of doing this, are there other IDEs that support remote CUDA development?

Hi, WasabiFan

We normally use Nsight EE to do remote build/debug.
It should work properly.

You need to make sure that and git config option is set both on local and remote system via the following commands:

$ git config --global anonymous@mail.none
$ git config --global any_string

It is not the git configuration itself that is the problem; if I hadn’t set the user name/email, it would just not let me deploy at all. In my case, it works sometimes, but using the same PC with a different remote target or using a different PC for the same target breaks the sync and I have to spend hours re-initializing the projects to make it work.

I’ve been having problems as well. I found a workaround involving deleting Debug output directories and .ptp-sync directories from both host and target. Now it’s failing again and I still have no idea why. Yesterday ptp-sync went berzerk and filled the whole target drive with garbage data. Today it fails to copy the build output binary up the host so I cannot launch a debug session.

These are the only advertised tools for TX1 development and I’m dead in the water. ptp-sync is known to have issues. What is the plan?

Hi, WasabiFan & chrispalo

I have raised a question to our dev about this.
I will get back to you when I get any response.
Thanks !