Ptx assembly & compilation error with -G option

Hello everyone,

I would like to optimize my kernels using Nsight, which means I have to set “Generate GPU Debug Information” to “Yes (-G)” in Propeties/CUDA Runtime APU/GPU. Any CUDA project will work without this option but compilation will always fail with it.

The error I get is:

ptxas C:/ [XXX] .ptx, line 150;  fatal error : Parsing error near '-': syntax error
ptxas : fatal error : Ptx assembly aborted due to errors

My setup is the following:
Windows 7 - VS2008 SP1 - 2x GTX Titan - Cuda 5.5 - Nsight 3.2 - Drivers 331.65

Your help is really apreciated


I have been able to troubleshoot my problem. Turns out I don’t need to activate the “-G” option to profile my code. I couldn’t use the profiler because my drivers were to recent, I went back to Nsight 3.1 and Drivers 320.57 and everything runs fine.