ptx error: duplicate definition of variable

Hi everyone,

I’ encountering this strange error message at runtime in my application:

Launch failed (Details: Function “_rtContextCompile” caught exception: : error: Encountered a CUDA error: createFromMemoryPtx returned (209): No binary for GPU, [7340324]

ptxas application ptx input, line 1257; : error : Duplicate definition of variable ‘_Z36rayGeneration_DirRandRad_PosRandRectv_0_retval0_block8’

Does anyone have any idea where this might point to ?

Thanks already

The generated PTX code somehow emitted duplicate declarations of that symbol which has the appearance of a branch target label. I can’t be sure unless we get a trace of your application. Please email if you are willing to submit a trace of your application.

Hmm, is there a simple way to create a trace from visual studio. I only have the professional version of visual studio 2010. From what I’ve found from google, they have a trace function in the ultimate version only.

The trace JBigler is talking about is an internal feature of OptiX to generate a detailed error report/dump of OptiX when the crash happened, it has nothing to do with visual studio. If you’re willing to submit a trace of your application contact the e-mail address JBigler provided you above

It took me a lot of trial and error. But in the end it seems that the problem was a comment I’ve copied from cuda toolkit 4.0, when I was creating some datatypes myself. It seems that the line /DEVICE_BUILTIN/ causes the problem.
Does this make any sense?