ptx file is missing its end! nvcc on sample project fails, because the ptx file is incomplete

Windows 7 (32 bit), VS 2008 SP1, CUDA 3.0.

Trying to compile the “BlackScholes” example in the CUDA SDK. This worked fine under Windows XP, btw.

Here is the output from VS 2008 build (passing “verbose” to nvcc):

Compiling with CUDA Build Rule...


... (eventually we get to the nvopencc phase)



#$ nvopencc  -TARG:compute_10 -m32 -CG:ftz=1 -CG:prec_div=0 -CG:prec_sqrt=0 -LIST:source=on "BlackScholes.compute_10.cpp3.i"  -o "BlackScholes.compute_10.ptx"


The BlackScholes.compute_10.ptx is chopped off in the middle, as if the last part of the file was not flushed to disk. As a result, the subsequent ptxas phase fails:

#$ ptxas --key="28ecf09ecc97029e"  -arch=sm_10 -m32 -v -maxrregcount=32 "BlackScholes.compute_10.ptx"  -o "BlackScholes.compute_10.sm_10.cubin" 

ptxas BlackScholes.compute_10.ptx, line 94; fatal   : Parsing error near '': syntax error

ptxas fatal   : Ptx assembly aborted due to errors

Has anybody seen this before?

BlackScholes.compute_20.ptx cuts off after 4191 bytes
BlackScholes.compute_10.ptx cuts off after 4189 bytes

I’ve turned off anti-virus and UAC, to no effect.